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August 4th–8th, 2009

All workshops, round table discussions & portfolio reviews are conducted at Alaska Ridgetop Inn. Alaska Ridgetop Inn is approximately 6 miles from downtown Homer surrounded by lawns and gardens with views of Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet. A spacious, quiet, picturesque setting for the Homer Photo Fest

To make use of every possible minute, and so that you can meet and talk with the jurors, round table facilitators and fellow workshop participants Homer Photo Fest provides lunches at the Alaska Ridgetop Inn.


Ted Orland
Tuesday, August 4th, 9am to 3pm
The Holga World

This is your chance to make High Art from Low Tech using the Holga camera. The Holga is a cult classic among photographers – a plastic camera that costs less than a large pizza, yet produces images as expressive as those made with a pro outfit costing a thousand dollars. The Holga comes equipped with one f-stop (f/8), one shutter speed (1/60th), and tiny lens icons indicating the proper focus for a Person, a Group, or a Mountain. Better yet, everyone taking the workshop will receive their own free Holga to work with!

We'll begin by introducing the Holga's many “features”, perhaps view a sampling of Ted Orland's own Holga pictures, discuss strategies for using the camera to good advantage —and then set out into the surrounding neighborhood to photograph whatever crosses our path. Expose for the secrets, develop for the surprises—and have a bunch of fun along the way.


Amy Scott
Wednesday, August 5th, 9am to 3pm
When a Photographer and a Landscape Collaborate

Explore what can happen when a photographer and a landscape collaborate in this workshop devoted to the impact of Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park. The first part of the day will be spend discussing the historic circumstances that led Adams to Yosemite, and how he established himself there and what the effect of Yosemite's landscape and monuments in developing his artistic vision. In the second part, we will discuss how the Autry National Center used Adams's Yosemite work as a guideline for the selection of contemporary photographers for the 2006 exhibition, "Yosemite: Art of an American Icon." This workshop will function as a discussion, about how historic and iconic images continue to surface in contemporary art, and how art can influence the way we perceive and use landscapes past and present.



Barry McWayne
Thursday, August 6th, 9am to 3pm
Printing in the Digital Age

Today, inkjet printing has become the principal means for creating fine photographic prints from digital files, and Barry McWayne leads a tightly structured workshop focusing on the issues, materials, and techniques of this brave new world. Using lectures, discussion, and demonstration, he’ll guide participants through the maze of hardware and software options, papers, inksets, and more. Examples of silver prints and ink prints (from the same negatives) will be shown and discussed, and color management tools will be demonstrated. The main spotlight of this course will be on black and white printing, but color printing will also be considered.

Other topics touched on in this intro to inkjet will include print permanence, paper types and surfaces, settings for the printer dialog (including Epson’s “Advanced Black and White” interface), paper profiles, printing from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, and storage concerns for longevity and display. Our workshop presenter will also have a variety of original prints from his personal portfolio, as well as examples of work by other photographers that highlight the range, flexibility, and quality of the inkjet medium.


Keith Carter
Friday, August 7th, 9am to 3pm
Gumbo Ya Ya

"Gumbo Ya Ya" which is a Louisiana Creole term meaning "everybody talking at once." Keith will lead a rousing interactive discussion on topics of his work and the work of participants.


Portfolio Reviews
& Round Table Discussions
9am to 3pm, Saturday, August 8

One-on-one portfolio reviews with reviewers - Amy Scott, Ted Orland and Keith Carter. Schedule and number of reviews for each participant will be determined on August 7th.
Concurrently: Round table discussions facilitated by accomplished Alaskan photographers. The round table discussions are designed for a free flow of movement between discussions and portfolio reviews.

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